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i do

what i do

and why

it matters

to you

I strive for beauty. i believe in kindness.

i know my work is important: i make a beautiful day in your life even better.

i always put a bit of my heart into it.

My purpose is to provide happiness for those I have the privilege to work with.

my philosophy

what makes me unique

No floral foam

Ever since 2015 I adopted an eco-conscious approach in my business, trying to reduce waste and limit impact on the environment. I avoid the use of floral foam, a non-biodegradable sponge widely use in the industry, in favour of traditional Japanese kenzan technique (found on ikebana) and chicken wire. It's a laborious approach, but I believe is worth it!

Seasonal approach

High quality flowers

In the same way, using seasonal flowers lets me source local products instead of flowers that come from America or Africa. It's part of my eco-friendly approach, and at the same time, I believe using the flowers that grow naturally each season have a beauty to it, feels more natural in a way.

I use only exceptional floral varieties that go beyond the typical flowers you'll find most places. These rare varieties have unique colours and textures, making my compositions luxurious, surprising and "unexpected".

Local flowers

Artisan pottery

Most flowers in the market come from Amsterdam, Latin America or Africa. But there are a few local farmers who still grow flowers, and I try to source my florals from them before buying from outside. The environmental impact is lower and also I'm supporting local producers.

For my vases and bowls I use hand-made, custom pottery from a local artisan. By doing so I can get gorgeous, unique pieces that elevate my arrangements while supporting small businesses.

The Process

Get in touch

First we’ll talk and I’ll get to know you, your needs, your aesthetic taste, and the approximate budget you want to spend in flowers.

Be honest on what you want to spend as it will help you get a realistic quote. You can give me a range and we can always add new items during the process.


estimate & Agreement

I’ll prepare a base estimate we can start working with. It will cover the minimum floral elements and arrangements that my service will include. It’s a base order as the next few months you might decide to add some new things – it happens often!

We'll sign an agreement and I'll require a 30% deposit.


bespoke design

After the estimate is accepted, is when the magic begins! I create something unique for each of my brides. Pinterest is full of ideas, and you might have fallen in love with some of my previous works. But you know what? If you trust me I will create for you florals that exceed anything you might have imagined. The look on your face when you first see what I’ve been preparing for months is the most beautiful feeling.



my work has one PURPOSE: to make you happy

If you connect with my vision

contact me

Send me a message and let's start planning your beautiful day!